is managed by MCVL Realty Broker/Owner Daniel Bates. Daniel is a McClellanville local that loves fishing and kayaking.  He specializes in the rural McClellanville and Awendaw real estate markets.  He’s always happy to help if you’re interested in buying or selling a home in these areas.
Daniel’s goal for is to encourage low-impact tourism to the area by attracting people with an appreciation of small-town life and enjoyment of our pristine natural resources.   Part of what makes McClellanville such a wonderful place is it’s absence of hotels and motels.  This means that Daniel relies on homeowners willing to allow guests to enjoy their homes.  The homes are all in residential areas and your respect for their peace and enjoyment is required.  Daniel wants everyone to enjoy their stay in McClellanville, but if it is to the detriment of the town than it is not worth it.  Daniel also provides recycling services to his rental homes in an effort to lesson the impact that vacationers have on the environment.  If you have more questions about the area, please visit the Resources tab on this site or feel free to contact Daniel.
McClellanville is also a great setting for weddings, reunions and retreats.  If you need lots of lodging for guests, please contact Daniel with your needs.  Because the available places to stay is relatively low, it is advised that you wait on deciding a date for your event until speaking with Daniel so that you can ensure that there isn’t another event on that date and plenty of housing will be available.
Daniel is always looking for more great homes to offer to interested renters.  As a homeowner you can always decide the terms at which your home rents and the dates it is available.  Homes do not have to be publicly advertised on the site, however the rental rate will be lower if you choose not to advertise on the site.  If you are interested in talking with Daniel about renting your home, please see the Rental Management page for more information.

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