McClellanville SC McClellanville is a great town, but with a population of 500, you won’t find it winning any awards, because most people don’t even know it exists. In fact, the attention of a national award like “Best Retirement Town” or “Top Ten Vacation Spots” would bring about massive change to our quiet little town and negatively impact our way of life. Despite my best efforts, my opinion of McClellanville is admittedly biased because I grew up here and am a real estate agent. I have included the following links to articles written about McClellanville in an effort to give you a second opinion of McClellanville. As you can see, these are local and national sources and reading each you will learn that most people have come to the same conclusion that I have…McClellanville is heaven on earth.
Southern Living (South Carolina Readers Insert) – A Village Victorious – July ’07
Hot Retirement Towns Magazine – McClellanville, SC – January ’07
Charleston Magazine – Village Life – November ’06
Coastal Living – So You Want to Live in…McClellanville, SC – October ’06
Coastal Living – Inside McClellanville – October ’06
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