Seafood lovers are going to want to mark their calendars, because May 5th, 2007 marks the 31st Annual Lowcountry Shrimp Festival in McClellanville. The festival which is held to bless McClellanville’s fleet of shrimpboats for a bountiful season is also a major fund-raiser for Archibald Rutledge Academy, McClellanville’s small local private school.

This years events include arts and crafts vendors, exhibitions, and great live music. As always, there will be tons of fresh local seafood, baked goods and other Southern delicacies. There will be raffles and door prizes for the adults and fun and games for the kids. Whatever you do, be sure to pick up a t-shirt to comemorate the days fun before you leave.

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Looking for the 2010 Lowcountry Shrimp Festival in McClellanville?

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  1. Great job! one of the best sites I’ve seen for capturing the base of McClellanville. Its a hard place to describe to someone that has not lived it but you did a pretty good job.

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