Sold by MCVL Realty – Spring 2024

It’s been an unusually busy first 3rd of the year in real estate and this is the time of the year when it normally breaks lose! Earlier this month, Oliver and Ross Thames and I were involved in a train of 5 home sales on the same day in which we represented 4 of the […]

The Convenience Conundrum

We live in a world where all of the knowledge of the world is a few keystrokes away on a device that we can carry around in our pocket. Anything you can imagine can be ordered and delivered to your door within two days. There is a near-infinite amount of streaming content to entertain us. […]

Growth and the Future of The Bulls Bay Area to be Determined by Awendaw

Fear of growth and development is on the minds of Bulls Bay area residents as urban sprawl creeps outward from Mount Pleasant (watch the growth of the area using the Growth Tool below). Builder D.R. Horton has begun work on their latest development known as Bee’s Crossing which plans to squeeze 90 homes onto 32 […]

North of “East of the Cooper”

When I began my real estate career a decade ago, I would estimate that only 5% of buyers in the Bulls Bay area were moving from Mt. Pleasant. In recent times, people leaving Mt. Pleasant are making up roughly half of our buyer activity. The explosive growth of that area has people looking to escape the […]

3 Ways You Can Help Toms River New Jersey

What do the people of Toms River, New Jersey have in common with the people of McClellanville? Well not a lot, other than generous caring hearts.   23 years ago, in the darkest hours of McClellanville following Hurricane Hugo, footage of the shrimp boats leaning on houses, trees through homes, and an entire town covered […]

Small Homes on the Rise in McClellanville

The downturn in the economy has many downsizing their needs. The average size of homes built in America dipped for the first time in decades and when asked about the expectations for the home of 2015, Stephen Melman, Director of Economic Services at the National Association of Home Builders says that builders are anticipating that […]

Spring Brings Rebirth in a Small Town

We’ve had a mild winter this year and spring is already beginning to show her colors, but in many ways it has seemed like winter for years, I am reminded today however, “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”  ~Hal Borland This morning I am being continually reminded of a rebirth that is […]

McClellanville Deal of the Week: 528 Pinckney Street

528 Pinckney Street, known as “White Gables”, is for sale. This isn’t news, it’s been on the market for over 4 years, but now it is banked-owned and listed by Beach and River Homes and has been reduced to the shockingly low asking price of $150,000.  “4 years?”, many people ask.  Well yes, but it […]

2nd Annual Jeremy Creek Triathlon for the Weary – June 11th, 2011

Don’t let the word “Triathlon” scare you away, this is a laid back, non-competitve event consisting of a paddle, parade, and a picnic.  In fact, the event planners warn that “serious competitors will be fed to alligators”, so leave your A-game at home and just come out with the family to to enjoy a leisurely time on […]

Plane in Jeremy Creek

I got a phone call Saturday morning telling me that I should go down to the dock of Palmer’s Point and take a look across the creek.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw a plane pulled up at Leland Marine next to the typical array of of yachts, house boats, shrimp boats, and […]

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