Thinking about moving to McClellanville, but worried that theres just nothing to do? Well we may not be the entertainment capitol of the world, but we make up for that with our natural and historic beauty. Spending time with friends and family is what McClellanville is all about, but here are the top ten things that you can do by yourself or with a group in or near McClellanville.
10. Take a Day Trip – Theres plenty of places to visit close to McClellanville: Hampton and Hopsawee Plantation, Buck Hall Recreation Area, and Seewee Visitors Center, for starters.
9. Join the Festivities  РMcClellanvilles Annual Blockbuster is the Lowcountry Shrimp Festival (held the 1st Saturday in May), but there lots of other community events if you want to make some new friends.
8. Hunting – If its hunting season and youre looking to bag a trophy buck, turkey, boar, or duck than McClellanville is the place for you.
7. Enjoy Nature – Whether its a hike through the National Forest, A bike ride on the Palmetto Trail, or a stroll on Skippers Point, nature is all around us and is always a nice, relaxing way to spend your time.
6. Go Fishing – Is there anything more relaxing than an afternoon on the boat reeling in spot-tail bass or waist-deep in the surf with a trout on your hook?
5. Shop – Check out our businesses for arts and crafts, books by local authors, fresh seafood, strawberries, and last minute gifts.
4. Eat – Its Americas favorite pastime and weve got the best restaurants around serving up lots of local seafood in Southern dishes. Dont forget oyster roasts when it gets colder too.
3. The Village Museum – Theres something for everyone at the Village Museum. Displays and exhibits provide the history of McClellanville dating back to the Indians.
2. Tour the Village – In a car, on a bike, or on your own two feet, the Historic District of McClellanville offers great views of homes, flowering plants, live oaks, and the water.
1. Go to the Beach – If you dont have a boat, find someone who does and make that person your new best friend. If you dont know where to go, heres a map. Take a picnic lunch to the beach, cruise the Intracoastal Waterway, or take a sunset cruise up Jeremy Creek.
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  1. You left out “Cut the government dock.” As teenagers, when cars were borrowed from parents or a fixed up oldtimer, we would all pile in someone’s car and ride around and around the Village on weekend nights. Not being allowed on the highway, our routes were limited (to say the least) and we would end each circle of town at the government dock (boat landing) usually connecting with another group of teens doing the same thing.

  2. We love going to the local museum which is jam packed full of artifacts and treasures. You can see a last remaining piece of the Cape Romain Light house, see soldier’s artifacts dug up from peoples yards, research a family name, and hear great stories from the guide whom I could talk to all day.

  3. Jeff,
    I’m glad you enjoy our Museum, it truly is the hidden jewel of McClellanville. Bud Hill, the director, is the source for McClellanville history and he’s quite a story teller too.

  4. Hi Daniel,
    Dont forget McClellanville loves to read! Our little Branch Library circulated over 1600 items in May!
    That’s pretty good stats for a little Town. Summer Reading started today – everyone big or small can earn prizes!
    It doesn’t get any better than kickin’ back with a good book in such a beautiful place. I love your web site

  5. Last year a friend drove me to your lovely town for a tour of chicken coops. It was a wonderful afternoon. What is the date for this years (2014) chicken coop tour?
    Linda Edwards

    1. Hi Linda,
      Call the McClellanville Arts Council about the Tour De Coop, I’m not sure if they are doing more this year or not.

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