We all visit places for different reasons but one of those reasons is always to take in the local cuisine and in McClellanville you’re talking about SEAFOOD! McClellanville’s history has always been closely tied to the coast and the rich bounties that it produces.  The shrimp boats docked in Jeremy Creek serve as more than just beautiful scenery, they are McClellanville’s major industry, supplying  the area and beyond with fresh-caught white and brown shrimp from the Atlantic Ocean. Clams, oysters, crabs, and fish are also locally harvested from the abundant waters of the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge and Bull’s Bay (known for it’s world-famous oysters).  These delicious catches are seasonally available in McClellanville at restaurants, seafood markets, and catered events.

McClellanville Restaurants

[yelpprofile method=”business” id=”t-w-graham-and-co-mc-clellanville” align=”right”]T.W. Graham & Company Seafood Restaurant – (843) 887-4342 810 Pinckney St, McClellanville, SC Hours: “Graham’s”, or as it’s locally known “Pete and Claudia’s” is McClellanville’s oldest business, and now serves as the area’s best seafood restaurant.  The menu includes shrimp, oysters, scallops,  flounder, grouper, and more.  They also have a great selection of non-seafood options including burgers and steak.  The decor and ambiance is unique and comforting with the local artwork and sculptures adorning the walls.  There is seating inside and on screened porch in the back (great for large groups).  Every Thursday is Mexican Night, where owner chef Pirate Pete turns local seafood into exotic cuisine. McClellanville Diner –  (843) 887-4499 9905 N Highway 17, McClellanville, SC Serving up traditional American dishes, like burgers and fries, the McClellanville Diner is quick and easy on the wallet. They’re also open in the morning to help you meet your daily grits quota. Boats N Hoagies –  (843) 887-3058 824 Pinckney Street, McClellanville, SC Serving up traditional American dis Buckshot’s –  (843) 887-3358 9498 N Highway 17, McClellanville, SC Subway Subs – (843) 887 – 3070 10105 N Highway 17, McClellanville, SC (inside Kangaroo Gas Station) Sewee Restaurant – (843) 928-3609 4808 North Highway 17, Awendaw, SC  (about 20 miles South of McClellanville) Another great seafood restaurant that’s out of the way, but worth the drive.

McClellanville Seafood Markets

Carolina Seafood Inc. – (843) 887-3713 22 Oak Street, McClellanville, SC Livingstons Bulls Bay Seafood – (843) 887-3519 631 Morrison Street, McClellanville, SC

Grocery Stores

McClellanville does not have a full-sized grocery store, so you if you’re coming for an extended stay, you’ll probably want to stop for groceries in Georgetown or Mt. Pleasant.  Necessities can be found at Dollar General, but major grocery shopping should be done in Mount Pleasant or Georgetown before you come. Dollar General – (843) 887-3736 10141 N Highway 17, McClellanville, SC Most groceries except for meats and produce. Sewee Outpost – (843) 928-3493 4853 N Highway 17, Awendaw, SC (about 20 miles South of McClellanville)

McClellanville Catering

Local Oysters – 843-568-6380 Order Bull’s Bay Oysters harvested and delivered to your door (you still have to cook them) Coastal Caterers – 843.856.8388 Oysters roast and seafood catering at your location Bulls Bay Oyster Roasts – (843) 412-8973
The Bent Rod
Weekly Specials: Tuesdays: Tacos and $2.50 Landshark Wednesdays: Trivia Thursdays: Live Music Saturdays: Free Oysters on the Fire Pit from 5-7pm Sundays: Brunch
Sewee Shell Ring
Santee Coastal Reserve
MCVL Realty
T W Graham & Co

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