Update: The New Daughter Released: Shots from Around McClellanville
Kevin Costner stars in The New DaughterThe Post and Courier reported today that McClellanville may be the new site for the filming of a horror movie called The New Daughter starring Kevin Costner. The article reports that McClellanville and Edisto Island are two possible locations for the filming and that a production studio has made its home in Charleston. The film is based on a story by John Connolly which takes place in rural Illinois. This leads one to wonder what McClellanville and Illinois share visually, but I guess thats where they say a film is loosely based on a novel.
Paradise filmed in McClellanville SCOf course this isnt the first time McClellanville has attracted the attention of Hollywood. Much of the movie Paradise, starring the then-married Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and a young Elijah Wood, was filmed in McClellanville in 1991. I remember it well because we got to get out of school to go watch them film and then we played football with Elijah Wood who was our age. You can recognize T.W. Grahams restaurant in the scene near the beginning when Elijah arrives in town on bus. As I recall the name and appearance of the restaurant were changed and there was a large fake red building facade that was built next to it as part of the scene. My memory is a little fuzzy due to the fact that I was only 11.
A few scenes from Forest Gump were also filmed in McClellanville a few years later in 1994. When Forrest (Tom Hanks) jumps off his shrimp boat to go see Lieutenant Dan (Gary Sinise) was filmed on the Intracoastal Waterway and the footage of the shrimp boat fleet after the storm was news footage taken after Hurricane Hugo.
Forest Gump filmed in McClellanville SC(Copyright 1994 Paramount Pictures – All rights reserved.)
There have also been quite a few articles written about McClellanville published in various national and local magazines and publications over the past few years if youd like to read some unbiased reviews of the area.
UPDATE: The New Daughter will indeed be filmed in McClellanville.
UPDATE: New Daughter Movie Update

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