The age old expression about waterfront real estate is that they aren’t making any more of it. This premium, combined with the natural desire to want to live at the water’s edge makes waterfront homes and land the highest priced in the area. The draw toward waterfront starts at the remarkable views where you will see; gorgeous marsh, ebbing tidal waters, dolphins, shore birds, and passing boats. There is also the incredible breezes which glide across a screen porch. Finally, there is of course the access to the water. Most docks provide an opportunity for fishing and crabbing and just sitting to enjoy mother nature at her best. The greatest benefit is the ability to keep a boat docked and ready to go at a moments notice on a cruise with friends, a fishing expedition, or a trip to our amazing beaches.
Here in the lowcountry, we categorize our waterfront as to whether or not a typical boat drawing about two feet of water will remain floating at low tide, granting it the title of “deep-water”, or if the boat may be “high and dry” for a period of the tide cycle it is referred to as “shallow-water”.
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Waterfront properties can also be distinguished by the body of water on which they have frontage.  In McClellanville and Awendaw there are four major bodies of water.
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MCVL Realty consistently sells more waterfront properties in the McClellanville / Awendaw area than any other real estate office and would love to help you find buy or sell your property.  MCVL Realty was even MCVL Realty waterfront sales for our waterfront sales prowess.

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