Part of being a Full-Service Real Estate Agent that specializes in such a small and unique marketplace such as McClellanville and Awendaw, is the need to truly provide full array of services to that population.  As such, I also manage both vacation (short-term) and long-term rental properties for home owners.  I find that this not only makes me a better agent because I have a much better depth of knowledge about how rental rates effect home values, but it also allows me to service the needs of all people moving or visiting the area.   Often these renters become buyers down the road…(GET BACK TO HOW I CAN HELP YOU)
If you have a property that you are not using year-round, I welcome you to contact me to discuss your rental possibilities.
My rates are fair and affordable and service is always professional so that you don’t lose sleep at night worrying about all of the “what if’s”.
Please complete the form below to best allow me to assist you.

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