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Frequently Asked Questions

Jurisdiction and Services
Mouzons Bluff is a planned unit development (PUD) located in the Town of McClellanville. Permits are submitted to the Town but in situations such as building permits, where the Town does not have its own building inspector, the permit is then forwarded to Charleston County who will handle inspections. McClellanville residents enjoy benefits including trash pickup and local boat launch permit (currently $50/year). More than this are the many rules in place to control growth and over-development of this beautiful area. 

Building Criteria
There is no minimum size but the maximum residence size is capped at 3500 sq.ft. conditioned space by Town Ordinance. Guest homes, commonly known as “mother-in-law units”, cannot exceed 800 sq.ft. Additional accessory buildings such as barns for agricultural use are also allowed. Mobile homes are not allowed. There is no build limit; build any time with a contractor of your choosing.

Because the ground is fill dirt from dredging you will likely need to drive pilings deeper than normal (50+ feet) until they hit a certain resistance point.  A qualified, licensed contractor should be able to provide more information.  The height of the land affords the area an X-flood zone rating. This means that while other waterfront homes are required to be built on tall stilts, these homes may be built on a low crawlspace or even a slab with no requirement for flood insurance though it should be less than $1000/yr. If you elected to cover your home.

A master dock plan has been approved for the Intracoastal Waterway docks on lots 29-32 and the community dock. Individual dock permits have been applied for.

HOA and Covenants
Properties are included in the Mouzons Bluff Homeowners Association which maintains the common area; roads, green spaces, and future community dock. Current dues are $125/yr. but will likely increase slightly with the new dock. Mouzons Bluff also falls under the larger Skippers Point HOA. This HOA maintains Romain Road by which access to the community is gained. Skipper’s Point is not actively enforcing many of its rules and has not levied individual property owners with dues. Future common area maintenance may be merged under a sole HOA at a later date, but there would be a negligible difference in the cost and the way things are maintained.  

Architectural Review Board
house plans can be submitted to the HOA president for review by the ARB board. As long as the home is fitting with the type of homes found in the community and the Lowcountry as a whole, there should be no issues obtaining approval. Garish colors and finishes should be avoided.

Power has been run as far as lot 26 near the bridge. The area currently receives phone and internet service from TDS Telecom however, Home Telecom is currently installing fiber-optic lines to the area which should provide faster speeds. There is no local cable, so you will need satellite or streaming services for access. Satellite internet is also possible.

A land disturbance permit from the Town of is required for tree clearing. Visit the town’s website to read the tree ordinance. 

Finally permitting is in place for 5-bedroom pretreatment “drip” septic systems.   

Wells in McClellanville are typically around 60ft. deep and are often high in iron. These wells may need to be deeper and based on other nearby construction on fill dirt there may be saltwater intrusion. A water filtration system with a holding tank may be necessary. H.M. Northcutt is familiar with this issue and can test your water and recommend the best solution.

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