Lights, Camera, Action!
Lights, Camera, Action!

More than two years after the filming of The New Daughter in McClellanville it has finally been released on DVD after witnessing brief and very limited theater screenings.  I got a copy over the weekend and while I’m not going to become a movie critic here, I will tell you that I enjoyed it.  Having met the two child actors that play Costner’s children, I have to say what a great job they both did.  Ivana Baquero, who speaks with no noticeable accent despite English being her second language, should definitely be admired for her title role.  Kevin Costner never disappoints (I even liked Waterworld) but I don’t think that the script gave any of the characters much depth.   The Wedge and it’s surroundings, where most of the movie was filmed, are quite scenic but and also creepy at night. In case you’re not aware, let me just warn everyone that this isn’t Dances with Wolves, it’s a horror movie.  Here’s the official trailer. Note that Costner says “Real-a-tor”, a pet peeve of all Realtors®, since it’s not a real word.
If scary movie’s aren’t your cup of tea, then you won’t enjoy this movie despite your love of seeing McClellanville on the big screen TV.  So if it’s not something for you, I thought I’d share a few shots of McClellanville from the film with you so that you don’t feel like you missed out.  Like most movies a lot of shots wound up on the cutting room floor. I didn’t spot anyone from McClellanville although I’m told that one of the dead bodies is Emmy Bronson (but correct me if I’m wrong) I also didn’t see any shots of the Arts Council which was supposed to have been transformed into the police station (see photo above), but here is what I did noticed:
This looks like Morrison Street to me, no?
Mercy looks a lot like McClellanville

The Wedge - looks great in the daylight.

Lower the lights and add some fog and it's starts getting creepy
Lower the lights and add some fog and it's a different story

The McClellanville town hall and park can be seen outside of the car past Ivana Baquero
Ivana Baquero totally ignores McClellanville out her window

Costner and Mathis in T.W.Grahams
Costner and Mathis enjoying dinner at T.W.Grahams

Costner picking up supplies in Bulls Bay Hardware
Costner picking up supplies in Bulls Bay Hardware

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