Well just a few days after I posted “DOT Changes History“, the issue of the signs was resolved. The historical plaque marking Archibald Rutledges birthplace was returned to its rightful location in front of “Little Hampton”. They also moved the often ignored McClellanville historical marker (shown below) from the corner of Highway 17 and North Pinckney Street to in front of Deerhead Oak, where many more people will be able to actually stop and read it. Who knows what will happen when we get a historical marker for Deerhead Oak, I guess the DOT will play musical historical markers again.
McClellanville SC Historical Marker
“McClellanville began in the late 1850s ad early 1860s when local plantation owners A.J. McClellan and R.T. Morrison sold lots in the vicinity of Jeremy Creek to planters of the Santee Delta who sought relief from summer fevers. The first store opened soon after the Civil War and the village became the social and economic center for wide area that produced timber, rice, cotton, naval stores, and seafoods. Incorporated in 1926 and encircled by the Francis Marion National Forest and Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. McClellanville is best known for its shrimp fleet and seafood industries. Except for a period during the Civil War two lighthouses in the Wildlife Refuge served as beacons to coastal shipping from 1827 to 1947.”

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