Otter Creek Trail in McClellanville, SC

It doesnt look like much on the map but otter creek is an exceptional trip that shouldnt be missed if youre a nature or wildlife lover. Its short length makes it the perfect way to wind down in the afternoon and early evening or start your morning off on the right track.

Directions: From blinking light McClellanville, take Pinckney Street into “The Village”, near the end of Pinckney Street turn right at the Town of McClellanville sign into the McClellanville Boat Landing. Access to Otter Creek is possible from any dock or other Jeremy Creek entrance point, but this is the most convenient launch point and is open to the public. Otter creek entrance is on the opposite side of the Jeremy Creek than the boat landing and slightly more to the south (toward the Intracoastal Waterway).

Requirements: Canoe or Kayak, PFD (life jacket), paddle, bug spray (if the bugs are bad), and a camera (if you can juggle one in a boat without dropping it in the water). No need for much else because its so short.

Special Notes: Otter Creek is a tidal creek which runs completely dry at low tide. The entrance at Jeremy Creek is shallow and only accessible at about a half tide or higher. Consult a tide chart, if the tide is low and going out dont risk getting stranded in the middle of the creek.

Trip Length: 1.5 – 2 miles (including paddle back out). An hour if you paddle slow and enjoy every breathtaking moment.

Difficulty: Easy – This isnt a paddle thatll impress the guys back at the office, but it is quite scenic and natural. Very short and calm waters on the most windy of days.

Sites to See: Lots of Nature – From the moment you enter Otter creek keep your eyes peeled for egrets, herons and other wading birds. Ive seen ducks, kingfishers, and a green heron. Palmettos, cedars, and honeysuckle can also be seen along the banks.

I guess I have to put some kind of liability statement in here to protect myself. Watersports are inherently dangerous, Im not responsible if you somehow manage to get hurt or die, so dont come after me with any lawsuits.

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