2010 Snow in McClellanville, SC As we walked out of T.W. Graham’s restaurant Friday night the snow had just began to fall in McClellanville.  By 9pm the power had gone out and the snow had started to accumulate.  We passed the time reading books by candlelight and awoke to a cold house (still no power) and a blanket of snow covering everything.  This was the first real snow since the Christmas after Hugo in 1989, so this was quite a rarity.
We built a quick snowman and went to explore the village.  A few children and adults were venturing out.  Snowmen spotted the land but by the afternoon they were nearly all that remained; a brief reminder of the snow that was.   We spent the day with my parents playing Scrabble and talking around the fire and were actually a little dissappointed when the power finally returned in the late afternoon and our excuse to hangout melted away.
Here are just a few of the pictures that I took around McClellanville.  The parade of snowmen is at the end. Which is your favorite? If I missed yours and you want to have it included you can email it to daniel (at)
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