south_carolina_vote_stickerThis is a reminder NOT to go out and vote this November 3rd if you live in McClellanville. No I’m not encourage you to avoid your civil duties, just trying to save you some time. You see no one is opposing our current mayor or four council member and there are no referendums to be voted on so after checking with the appropriate governmental agencies, the Town has decided to skip a costly election process that wouldn’t have resulted in anything anyway.
While I’m happy that McClellanville’s politics are politics as usual. I’m hoping for a great turnout and a turnover of the incumbent mayor in the Awendaw election. Even though McClellanville residents can’t vote, we all have something at stake in the results. With the Charleston Metro area sprawling wildly and a new stop light emerging on the Northern outskirts of Mount Pleasant on a weekly basis, Awendaw has emerged as a barrier between McClellanville and this growth. It’s also a natural connection between the wildlife that calls the Francis Marion National Forest and Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge home.
With these important features, Awendaw’s take on growth is crucial, and the voting record of the mayor and the two more seasoned council members have indicated that not only do they support the rampant growth and over development of the area but they seek to silence any opposition and shape the racial composition of the town through selective annexation. ┬áSo I’ll still be watching the polling results next Tuesday and I hope that if elected the new council members and mayor will serve their constituents and those effected by decisions well.

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