I know I’ve been writing fewer and fewer posts lately, but I wanted to write an update entry to explain and to discuss a few interesting things I’ve been up to and heard lately.
First, I’ve been spreading my wings a little and working on a new website about Awendaw Real Estate . The site focuses on the waterfront communities and neighborhoods that spot the coastline of our neighbor to the south, which also enjoy a proximity to Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge and Francis Marion National Forest. McClellanville will always be first in my heart, but I’m taking a moment to diversify my business structure while the market is slow and will return to writing more McClellanville articles in the coming months. So please tell all of your friends about and let me know what you think.
I also decided to do my civic duty and have joined the Architectural Review Board, which oversees construction and signs in the historic and highway commercial districts of McClellanville (I’ll write more on that later). It seems like just yesterday when I “retired” from being Town Marshal, but McClellanville seems to be in shortage of volunteers lately, so if you’ve been sitting on your hands with nothing to do on Monday nights offer your services and fill a vacancy.
I am also thinking about creating a local businesses association/chamber of commerce/visitors bureau that would provide more exposure for local businesses and promote low-impact tourism in the area. It’s exact shape and direction will depend on the amount of involvement received from the community, but the organization will not seek to change McClellanville, but to organize and promote businesses in order to increase revenues and improve all facets of life in McClellanville. If you’re a business owner or organization leader please feel free to contact me for more details and to provide your input.
As you can see I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, I’ve just been otherwise entertained. So here are a few things that slipped through the cracks that you might find interesting.
Kathryn Basha, the town’s zoning administrator, told me that the idea I suggested for a park in McClellanville at the fork in the road between Pinckney Street and Old Cemetery Road may come to fruition. The town would purchase the land from Mayor Rutledge Leland at a discount with funds provided from Charleston County Greenbelt Funds and hopefully create a boardwalk to provide a scenic view of end of Jeremy Creek and connect Silver Hill and the Historic Districts existing sidewalks in addition to a passive park. g
Charleston as a Frontier Town by Robert Behre in the Charleston Post and Courier – Here is a book review of local authors Susan Bates and Cheves Leland’s most recent book, Proprietary Records of South Carolina Volume Three, which compiles some of Charleston’s earliest records to provide a side of the Charleston (as well as a map) that has not been seen by the public before.
Carolina Shrimpers in Uncertain Waters by Elizabeth Leland in Charlotte Observer – Here is a great article about shrimping focusing on a trip with David Donnelly on the “Village Lady” that was published in the Charlotte Observer. Be sure to click the links to the slideshow and videos as well.
Finally, I wanted to share a link to MSNBC’s hurricane tracking website, as Tropical Storm Hanna zeros in on the lowcountry. It’s up-to-date, quick and easy with a projected storm path and intensity. I absolutely hate the local news for things like this because regardless of the storm they start with “the sky is falling, run for the hills” routine every time. It’s always the same thing, a week before the storm they start telling people to evacuate and DON’T OPEN YOUR FRIDGE! Hanna doesn’t look like it’s going to be that strong and the projected path has it crossing over Savanna, meaning that Hilton Head and Charleston area will get drenched, but we should be that bad off.

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