Word usually gets around in McClellanville when there is an alligator in Jeremy Creek. In all my time on the water, Ive never seen one, but I occasionally hear reports of sightings and Ive seen them in freshwater ponds in the area. Theyre usually young gators less than 6 feet in length that dont stay long in their search for fresher water, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this 14 foot long alligator just standing there only a few feet from Pinckney Street. McClellanville Alligator

OK, you got me. This isnt a real alligator, but one of local artist, Lee Arthurs, most recent creations. Made entirely out of driftwood the amount of detail that went into the creation of this sculpture is incredible. Every bump and knot in the wood looks just like a real alligators skin and the twists in the wood look like an alligators bulging arm muscles. Lee Arthur Alligator Sculpture

Lee Arthur McClellanville Artist and SculptorThe alligator can be seen on display at Arthur Studio & Gallery at 851 Pinckney Street. You truly have to see this work of art up close to appreciate the artistry, these pictures do not do it justice. Stop by and take it, or another one of his paintings or sculptures, home with you.

Lee Arthur is one of many local, talented artists that call McClellanville their home and find it to be the perfect inspiration for their work. If youd like to make McClellanville youre new home, contact me today.

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