The rain held out for paddling participants in the 2007 McClellanville Creek Sweep this Saturday. McClellanville locals Sherry Browne and Cheves Leland organized the event which was part of South Carolinas 19th Annual Beach Sweep/River Sweep, the states largest volunteer cleanup event of its kind.

Around two dozen volunteers hopped in kayaks and paddled through the marshes of Jeremy Creek in search of debris. There were drinks, coupons, door prizes and all the garbage bags you could fill. Kathy Livingston of Nature Adventure Outfitters, which does local kayaking tours, even donated kayaks for people that were without.

My wife and I participated and focused our attention on the southern side of Jeremy creek, filling our canoe with trash in no time. I wish I had taken more pictures of the mornings adventures, but it was hard enough balancing in the canoe and picking up trash without having to worry about dropping my digital camera in the water.

In all about 40 bags of trash were gathered in just 2 hours. Lots of plastic soda bottles and aluminum beer cans! A majority of the trash was able to be recycled, which means we not only beautified the earth but also prevented much of the waste from filling up a landfill.

Did you miss all the fun? Well cleaning the creek doesn’t have to be a once-a-year event, you can do it any time!

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  1. Good for you and your wife! That’s called getting involved in your community and with your environment. More people should do what you both did and if people would be more responsible, it wouldn’t be needed in the first place. I was shocked to see what you pulled out into your kayak and even more so when I saw the banks. Amazing!
    You are a great citizen!
    – Gena Riede

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