Congratulation to Archibald Rutledge Academy for another great Shrimp Festival. There were lots of great vendors, tons of games for the kids, and really good food too. No wonder families come back year after year to take a break from their hectic lives for the day and relax in this amazing town.
Preliminary reports are that this will be a record breaking year for the school. Id like to offer my thanks to all the hundreds of volunteers that pitched in and did their part. The community, sponsors, faculty, parents, and kids should all be proud of their hard work.
Most people probably hear “private school” and think wealthy parents and spoiled kids, but Archibald Rutledge Academy shows that there is another side of the spectrum. The school operates on a budget that probably wouldnt even pay for the electric bill of some public schools, but it perseveres. When there is a problem, no one asks for a handout, they think of a way that they can help themselves.
The shrimp festival is just one example of how the school pays its own way without the help of any state assistance or the use of school vouchers. The school also organizes a hugely successful fishing tournament in the fall. Parents of children attending the school promise to work at these events and understand that these activities are what allow the school to operate on a tuition well below most of the private schools in the area.
I do have to note my personal bias here. I attended Archibald Rutledge Academy from kindergarten to graduation. My experiences there were some of the best of my life. I was well prepared for college and placed out of many of my prerequisite classes. But more than that, I knew things that most people my age hadnt learned: about being responsible, handling myself in proper manner, treating people with respect, and an appreciation for the environment. I know that these fundamental building blocks are one of the things that lead me to become a police officer.
For more information on ARA please contact Michelle at (843) 887-3323

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