life in McClellanville   Bob Bestler wrote a great short article in the Myrtle Beach Sun News on how he’s adjusting to life in McClellanville that everyone should read.  The article really reverberates what I have heard from so many McClellanville transplants.  It’s a different sort of life in McClellanville and it’s an adjustment getting used to it.  You will miss certain parts of your “old life”, but overall you wouldn’t change a thing about it.

   Even though I was born and raised here, I still shared these same feelings when I returned after eight years of absence.  I, of course, knew exactly what I was getting into.  I’ve experienced it first hand watching my wife, who has always lived in larger towns, adjust to small town life.  In the beginning we both experienced fast-food and shopping mall withdrawals, but they were quickly replaced with an abundance of nature and true community.

    It’s sad that there are so many people who have never looked up from their own backyard and seen the thousands of stars that light the night’s sky.  Or had dozens of strangers wave to you just to be friendly and then welcome you into their conversation at the lunch time.  McClellanville is calling to you, will you answer it?

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