The Intracoastal Waterway, or ICW, is a 3000-mile long inshore water route running from Maryland to Florida.   For McClellanville and Awendaw, the ICW represents the eastern most boundary of habitable land, with most of the land to the East of the ICW contained within the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge.  It is this aspect of our coast that makes waterfront on the ICW some of the most desired, for they enjoy beautiful marshy views with no chance of a home ever being built in front of them.
In McClellanville, the Intracoastal Waterway runs along the Historic District, undeveloped land in Skipper’s Point (namely Mouzons Bluff) and other smaller neighborhoods including Tibwin (Two Pines Road) and Shellmore.
In Awendaw, both Doar and Sewee Roads, swing out from Hwy 17 to parallel the coast.  Within this stretch, are Bulls Bay Overlook, Romain Retreat, and Sewee Preserve communities.
Buck Hall and Garris Landings are both located on the ICW
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