Pinckney Street Kitchen – I probably eat more lunches here than I do at my own house because of the great food, chance to catch up with the friends, and ideal location across from our real estate office.  Owner and chef, Sarah Scott serves up light and healthy sandwiches and wraps.  Great soups and seafood dishes are always a good choice and there’s usually a creative and new special available to get you out of your slump. The Crab and Shrimp Cake is a must-have dish for seafood lovers.  Did I mention white garlic pizza or ice cream for those warm summer days? With dining inside and out, Pinckney Street Kitchen has a friendly and casual atmosphere.  They also do a fantastic job catering events if you are in need of their services.
T.W.Graham’s – If it’s time to celebrate or take out-of-town guests out to eat, I’m heading to Graham’s or “Pete and Claudia’s”, as it’s more commonly known. Graham’s is McClellanville’s oldest business, but offers a new taste on the classics.  I go there for cheeseburgers and steaks, but the seafood is to die for.  The kitchen stays hot serving up the best fried food in town.  Decorated with the local artwork (including the amazing sculptures and paintings of local artist, Lee Arthur), Graham’s has a unique and comforting atmosphere.  If you happen to show up on Thursday’s “Taco Night”, just go with the flow and enjoy a Mexican dish you’ll never forget.
On the Highway
McClellanville Diner – Serving up traditional American dishes, like burgers and fries, the McClellanville Diner is quick and easy on the wallet. They’re also open in the morning to help you meet your daily grits quota.
Buckshot’s – What started as a delivery service has expanded into it’s own restaurant.  Buckshot’s serves up good old fashion Southern home-cooked classics.
The Crab Pot – With a name like “The Crab Pot”, you know that seafood is going be on the menu.  It’s the only place you can order a bucket of fresh steamed oysters still in the shells.  The Crab Pot has a full bar and live bands. Closed

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  1. The story of “Buckshot’s” humble beginning is printed on the menu. Buckshot actually started as a carryout in the Tibwin Section of McClellanville. After his niece, April Green-Mazyck, graduated from Johnson and Wales College, they decided to combine their culinary skills and launch a new restaurant that hits the mark for quality, stlye and service with a smile.

  2. What a beautiful website! McClellanville is indeed a wonderful village!
    I need some help, please. Our company is sponsoring along with the Audubon group, a teachers’ workshop the first week in June,
    and I am looking for a caterer who would deliver lunch for approximately 25 people at noon on June 11 at Buck Hall. Any
    suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your help!
    Carol Knight

  3. Sarah Nell Scott, the owner of Pinckney Street Kitchen, also caters weddings and local events. The food she prepares is always amazing! Call her today 843-887-4001

  4. Does everyone there drive the 25 miles to the nearest grocery store? How can you have restaurants without a nearby grocery?

  5. Yes, everyone drives for their groceries. Most people buy at least two weeks worth and you learn to adjust pretty quick, I think it’s a small price to pay to live in such a nice undeveloped location. Bulls Bay Supply in McClellanville also has necessities like milk, bread, snacks, and drinks. As for the groceries stores, some shop for themselves and some things are delivered, but they also have bigger refrigerators than I do. Their number one ingredient, Seafood, comes fresh off the boats so it’s probably fresher than any restaurant where you live.

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