When creating this site, I wanted to create the “one-stop source for local information” in McClellanville. The way I saw it, in order to do this, you must present actual information pertaining to the local area covering a wide range of topics and it must be freely accessible and easy to read. Im a still posting new information every day (truth be told, Ill never be finished), but these are the reasons that I believe I am on my way to achieving my goal.

No Advertising

A lot of the local and national real estate companies are blanketed in advertisements and reciprocal links. In short, they sold out. I respect my viewers more than to sell them out to the highest bidder. Here you will find useful links to community services or businesses that are of value, but I have not received any type of payment for this and do it as a benefit to the public.

Free Means Free

Not only is the site free of advertising but you dont have to pay or even provide any personal information to use all of the features, including the MLS search. For those of you that arent familiar, Multiple Listings Services, is where all participating real estate agents post their listings and agree to allow it to be displayed by other agents. On this site you will find Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester County listings. Many of your national sites do not use MLS data and are very incomplete. If you wish you can even register and receive new listings by email.

Real Local Information

There are hundreds of national companies with McClellanville pages featuring compiled data from the 2000 census and wikipedia and possibly a map. Dig a little deeper and thats all there is though. These sites are designed to farm your information and sell it. In most cases the webmaster has never been to McClellanville in his life and certainly wasnt raised here like I was. I write articles about the place I live, the people I know, and the experiences Ive had in the town of McClellanville, in hopes that people who are considering moving here or are new to the area will have a deeper appreciation for this special area.

News and Events

McClellanville is a sleepy little town and as a result the media doesnt pay us a lot of attention. We dont get a lot of news coverage and that fine by us. But how do you find out whats going on McClellanville if you do want to know? Well MyMcClellanville.net features relevant news stories that affect the citizens of McClellanville and always keeps you posted on upcoming events with it’s calendar of events.

RSS Feed

Not only are we the only website providing all this information (did I mention its free of charge?) but you can also simply enter your email address and subscribe to the site and each time a new article is posted it will be sent to your email account automatically, saving you from having to check the site on a regular basis. Just like the automatic listing emails, this is an added convenience, not a requirement for you to provide me your information in order for me to give you further information. I will never send unsolicited spam or sell or give out any personal information provided.


Just like McClellanville, this website is a true community. You wont find a welcome invitation to have your comments posted on other websites, like you see here. The comments allow you to agree, disagree, or add your thoughts to any of my articles. I have recently added The Village Community forum to the site to offer more community interaction and opportunity for people to post their own information on a variety of local topics. You can learn more about the forum here.
Note: If there is not a comments sections below, click the headline of the article and it will appear at the bottom of the page.

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