Filming for The New Daughter at Arts CouncilFilming for “The New Daughter” made for an exciting week in McClellanville for many people last week. I finally got the stars settled in their new homes for the next few months. Filming in the town wrapped up Friday evening with some exterior shots at T.W Grahams and the Arts Council, followed by a party at T.W. Grahams for the cast and crew. Several locals were chosen as extras in the movie and lots of people snuck pictures of Kevin Costner and all the rest of the cast. As different as this all was, theres always something interesting going on in this little town.

The New Daughter Filming in McClellanvilleIm always looking for great local stories and pictures of McClellanville. I cant be two places at once so theres usually some interesting event, great sunset, or funny story that I miss. If you ever come across something that you think would benefit the other readers of MyMcClellanville, please feel free to share it with me. If you are planning an upcoming event, send me everything that you want to say about it and I will be happy to help you spread the word. If you just had a great vacation in McClellanville or you want to share your knowledge or Kevin Costner Filming at TW Grahamsexperience about a local place, person, or thing, your contributions are always welcomed here. I cant promise I will be able to use everything that is submitted, because there just isnt enough time in the day to write about all the wonderful things happening in McClellanville.

Send your stories and pictures via email to DanielWBates (at) Yahoo (dot) com. If you dont have time to write out an email you can call me in the evenings and tell me about it too.

Kevin Costner Poses for a picture with my wife

My wife successfully stakes out Kevin Costner and gets her picture taken with him, Cheer Up Kevin!

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  1. Daniel,
    since the Cast and crew are already gone, where did the main cast stay for the 3 months they were here?

  2. Kevin Costner stayed on the Isle of Palms, but the two child stars in the movies (Ivana Baquero and Gattlin Griffith) stayed at two waterfront homes in Skipper’s Point in McClellanville that I arranged for them. Due to the length of their stay, we weren’t able to accommodate them in the usual rental homes in McClellanville because of previous reservations. I didn’t deal with the crew and I imagine they stayed in Charleston or Mount Pleasant

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