It was 2007 and I was a year into my real estate career in McClellanville, when I pitched my idea to spend the town’s Greenbelt funds on boardwalk. Never let it be said that the wheel of government turn slowly, because in just 15 years the town has finished those plans! Seriously though, I want to thank Kathryn Basha and Michelle McClellan for bringing this monumental task to fruition. You’ll never know how much paperwork and time it takes to make something “simple” like this happen. I also want to thank Larry McClellan and Rutledge Leland for offering the land on both sides of the creek to the Town.  This boardwalk will be a great way for people to enjoy nature, but more importantly, it gives a safe way for pedestrians (especially kids at CREECS) to travel from Silver Hill to the Historic District.

On a side note, you can read the original article I wrote here, but here is a screenshot of the post on my website in all of its 2007 glory! Back then the site was at I later had the opportunity to buy from someone for $600 and a few years after that I founded MCVL Realty! You have to remember, the internet was super slow, so I had to reduce the quality of the images so that the site would load for people.  I also hadn’t yet learned, nor could I afford, Photoshop, so I did all of my picture editing on the “Paint” program which comes preloaded on Window’s computers. 

The idea of blogging was still a VERY new thing in the world of the internet and I had gotten in on the ground floor working with a company called “The Real Estate Tomato”. Here’s a guest post I wrote for them early on. When the housing market crashed in the following years I ended up working for that company teaching other real estate agents how to blog. As social media became a thing I added training for that as well. I did a lot of one-on-one coaching in the beginning but then I started creating my own lessons and taught agents across the country in large webinars.  I even did a few real estate technology conferences before hanging up my hat as the real estate market recovered.

Here is a drawing I made in 2010 for boardwalk. My photoshop skills had still not progressed, but my plans were pretty close to what actually happened. 

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