MCVL Realty Expands to 3 MLS’s

MCVL Realty has built a niche serving the rural area between the Charleston/Mount Pleasant and Georgetown/Myrtle Beach metropolitan areas. Geographically, this is a huge niche extending 40 miles from end to end, but because of it’s rural nature, the number of active properties is only in the hundreds. By focusing exclusively on this niche, we […]

What's the Deal with the Stormwater Utility Bill?

Only a few weeks after successfully reducing my Charleston County property tax bill. I received yet another bill in the mail. This time it was a Stormwater Utility Bill for $36, which just goes to prove that the government will always get what the government wants out of you, it just might take them a […]

Fast and Easy McClellanville Gifts

Just in time for your holiday shopping I’ve added a new feature to the website. Who wants to burn half a tank of gas driving to the mall and spend all day aimlessly looking for hard-to-find gifts when you can point and click and be done in a few minutes. Through an affiliation with, […]

McClellanville Featured in Boating and Waterfront Magazine

  In case you missed the most recent issue of Carolina Currents Magazine, it features a great article called McClellanville – Escape into History by Rob Lucy.   In my opinion, it’s the best article I’ve read about McClellanville from an outsiders point of view.  I grew up in McClellanville and have been writing about it for over a year now (publicly) and have a […]

Otter Creek Trail: Kayak/Canoe

Otter Creek Trail in McClellanville, SC It doesnt look like much on the map but otter creek is an exceptional trip that shouldnt be missed if youre a nature or wildlife lover. Its short length makes it the perfect way to wind down in the afternoon and early evening or start your morning off on […]

Submit Your Photos and Stories to

Filming for “The New Daughter” made for an exciting week in McClellanville for many people last week. I finally got the stars settled in their new homes for the next few months. Filming in the town wrapped up Friday evening with some exterior shots at T.W Grahams and the Arts Council, followed by a party […]

McClellanville Recycling Reminder

Just a reminder for anyone interested in supporting the recycling pick-up cause that I will be addressing the Town Council at this months meeting at the Town Hall on Monday, February 4th at 7 p.m. This is about one months worth of recycling from the three people at my house. Imagine how much recycling each […]

14 Foot Alligator in McClellanville

Word usually gets around in McClellanville when there is an alligator in Jeremy Creek. In all my time on the water, Ive never seen one, but I occasionally hear reports of sightings and Ive seen them in freshwater ponds in the area. Theyre usually young gators less than 6 feet in length that dont stay […]

Bud Hill: a McClellanville Hero

Whether you live in McClellanville or have just driven through it once, you have seen the work of Bud Hill. Evidence is all around if you know where to look, but he rarely takes credit for any of it. As director of the Village Museum since its formation in 1999, Selden “Bud” Hill has his […]