Francis Marion National Forest

Map of Francis Marion National Forest The 250,000 acre Francis Marion National Forest was established in 1936 by President Franklin Roosevelt. The forest is named after Brigadier General Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion, South Carolinas Revolutionary War hero, who thwarted the English troops by the use of his guerilla tactics in the swamps of the Lowcountry (The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson, was loosely based on the Swamp Fox).
This federally protected forest surrounds McClellanville to the north, south and west and acts as a natural buffer from encroaching development.
Francis Marion National ForestPine, oak, and cypress trees call this land home, as well as numerous protected animal including the bald eagle, red-cockaded woodpecker, and American alligator. The US Forest Service manages the forest which is open to the public for camping, hunting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing and kayaking.
There are more than 120 miles of trails to explore, including the start of the Palmetto Trail which continues all the way to the mountains of South Carolina. For more information on the forest visit the U.S Forestry site or The Sewee Visitor Center, 5821 Highway 17 North, Awendaw, SC 29429.

Just Say No To Imported Shrimp

Buy Fresh Local Wild Shrimp
If ask about peoples opinions on the war, they would probably tell you why we should or shouldnt be in Iraq, but there is another war going on, one within our very borders; The War on Imported Shrimp. In recent years foreign, farm-raised shrimp have been dumped onto the American marketplace at such a low price that local shrimpers are having a hard time surviving. Most of us dont put much thought into where our steamed shrimp in the restaurant are coming from, unless of course you are from McClellanville, and then you might find yourself walking out of a restaurant that has chosen to save a few bucks by buying these imported beasts. McClellanville has long been dependant on the sea for its vast riches, but the tireless efforts of the shrimpers have been burdened once again buy the importation of low cost, farm-raised shrimp.
TASTY! The May issue of South Carolina Wildlife Magazine published by South Carolina Department of Natural Recourses features a great article titled “Living for Shrimping, Shrimping for a Living“. The article features McClellanville locals Gardner McClellan, Georgia Tisdale, and David Donnelly talking about the trials and tribulations of shrimping as a life-long career. Author Billy Baldwin also offers his experience from his times spent running a shrimp boat. The article discusses the impact of imported shrimp on the marketplace as well as the diminishing dockage space needed for the boats as waterfront property values rise.
For more information on the what you can do to support local shrimpers and maintain their way of life and your tasty seafood delight, visit The South Carolina Shrimpers Association.
P.S. – Don’t forget that Shrimp Festival is May 5th!

McClellanville Rocks, But Don't Take My Word for It

McClellanville SC McClellanville is a great town, but with a population of 500, you won’t find it winning any awards, because most people don’t even know it exists. In fact, the attention of a national award like “Best Retirement Town” or “Top Ten Vacation Spots” would bring about massive change to our quiet little town and negatively impact our way of life. Despite my best efforts, my opinion of McClellanville is admittedly biased because I grew up here and am a real estate agent. I have included the following links to articles written about McClellanville in an effort to give you a second opinion of McClellanville. As you can see, these are local and national sources and reading each you will learn that most people have come to the same conclusion that I have…McClellanville is heaven on earth.
Southern Living (South Carolina Readers Insert) – A Village Victorious – July ’07
Hot Retirement Towns Magazine – McClellanville, SC – January ’07
Charleston Magazine – Village Life – November ’06
Coastal Living – So You Want to Live in…McClellanville, SC – October ’06
Coastal Living – Inside McClellanville – October ’06
If you would like to share your opinion of McClellanville (locals and visitors) please enter your comments in the box below.

31st Annual Lowcountry Shrimp Festival

Seafood lovers are going to want to mark their calendars, because May 5th, 2007 marks the 31st Annual Lowcountry Shrimp Festival in McClellanville. The festival which is held to bless McClellanville’s fleet of shrimpboats for a bountiful season is also a major fund-raiser for Archibald Rutledge Academy, McClellanville’s small local private school.

This years events include arts and crafts vendors, exhibitions, and great live music. As always, there will be tons of fresh local seafood, baked goods and other Southern delicacies. There will be raffles and door prizes for the adults and fun and games for the kids. Whatever you do, be sure to pick up a t-shirt to comemorate the days fun before you leave.

McClellanville Services

McClellanville Town Hall
405 Pinckney St
(843) 887-3712
Post Office
959 S Pinckney St
(843) 887-3687
McClellanville Library
222 Baker St
(843) 887-3699
Recycling and Refuge Center
1775 River Rd
(843) 720-7111
Charleston County Sheriffs Department
(843) 202-1700
McClellanville Substation
(843) 887-4030
Crime Stoppers
(843) 554-1111
South Carolina Electric & Gas
(843) 745-6000
TDS Telecom (Telephone/Internet)
(843) 887-3201
South Carolina DMV
(800) 422-1368
Charleston County Voter Registration
(843) 744-8683
Charleston County Parks and Recreation
(843) 762-2172
Charleston County Public School
(843) 937-6300

McClellanville Businesses

McClellanville Arts Council
733 Pinckney St.
(843) 887-3157
Village Museum
405 Pinckney St
(843) 887-3030
Carolina Seafood Inc.
22 Oak St.
(843) 887-3713
Livingstons Bulls Bay Seafood
631 Morrison St.
(843) 887-3519
Capt. Hatt’s Shrimp Market
10060 N Highway 17
(843) 887-3038
Sassafras Gift Shop
816 Pinckney St
(843) 887-4460
Patriots Farm
10970 N Highway 17 #A
(843) 887-4010
Bulls Bay Supply & Hardware
10086 N Highway 17
(843) 887-3251
Cape Romain Marine
10129 N Highway 17
(843) 887-3330

McClellanville Schools

Private K-12 Schools
Archibald Rutledge Academy
1011 Old Cemetery Rd
(843) 887-3323
Public Elementary School
St James Santee Elementary
8900 N Highway 17
(843) 887-3395
Public Middle School
McClellanville Middle School
711 Pinckney St
(843) 887-3232
Public High School
Lincoln High School
714 Lincoln Rd
(843) 887-3244

McClellanville Churches

United Methodist Church
414 Pinckney St
(843) 887-3426
St. James-Santee Episcople Church
144 Oak St
(843) 887-4386
New Wappetaw Presbyterian Church
635 Pinckney St
(843) 887-3366
McClellanville Baptist Church
1064 S Pinckney St
(843) 887-3548
St. Johns Missionary Baptist
219 Cassena St
(843) 887-3108
McClellanville Seventh Day
422 Society Rd
(843) 887-3186
Bethel AME Church
464 Society Rd
(843) 887-3183

McClellanville Restaurants

Pinckney Street Kitchen
826 Pinckney St.
(843) 887-4001
T.W. Graham & Co.
810 Pinckney St.
(843) 887-4342
9498 N Highway 17
(843) 887-3358
McClellanville Diner
9905 N Highway 17
(843) 887-4499
Subway (inside Kangaroo Gas Station)
10105 N Highway 17
(843) 887 – 3070